Thursday, 20 October 2016

Ayurvedic Treatments for Segmental Vitiligo

The condition which is characterized by loss of skin color or appearance of white patches on the skin due to the loss of pigments, melanocytes, is termed as Vitiligo. Any part of the body, particularly sun exposed areas such as eyes, hands, mouth, face, lips, and hair are affected by Vitiligo. This condition suppresses a person’s self-confidence and makes them feel conscious and embarrassed. It is not contagious or life-threatening. 'Shvitra', ‘Shveta Kusth’, or “Kilasa” are the Ayurvedic names of Vitiligo. It is caused due to imbalanced and vitiated Vata, Kapha, and Pitta doshas. 
Based on the pattern and area of onset of the white patches on the body, Vitiligo is divided into two types: Segmental Vitiligo and Non-segmental Vitiligo. Segmental Vitiligo (SV) is generally associated with the term “focal” as it develops within a limited area. Though Segmental Vitiligo (SV) starts as small patches initially, it spreads rapidly and develops into large patches. Utmost care should be taken to undergo a proper treatment for SV before it starts spreading throughout the body. Since they are often unilateral, a large white patch may appear on the back side of the right hand, whereas there will be no sign of any patches on the left hand.

Treatment for Vitiligo depends on its intensity such as slow or fast spreading. If it spreads, re-pigmentation treatment is administered. If its condition is stable, re-pigmentation treatment is directly started.
  • Using herbal tablets to relieve stress and soothe nerves.
  • Correcting Immuno-deficiency by escalating majja dhatus
  • Neutralizing the toxins produced from the sources of indigestion, stress, and unhealthy food
  • Stopping disease progression through blood purification
  • Clearing the intestinal track for improving the digestion and absorption of essential minerals and vitamins
  • Applying external medications treats re-pigmentation. Combined medicines of Cassia Fistula, Psorlia cordifolia, and piper longum stimulate cells for re-pigmentation
  • Using herbs like vitix helps gain better pigmentation
  • Preserving newly formed pigments by using different herbal combinations in particular doses
  • Patients are advised to do yoga for 20 minutes in the morning including meditation and exercises to whip off stress which induce proper blood circulation
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