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Safe, Gentle and Effective Ayurvedic Treatment

Vitiligo is an easily visible skin disease characterised by appearance of white patches on skin caused due to abnormalities in melanin producing cells. Though modern medical treatment options are available, ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo is said to have a high success rate. It also ensures cure without side effects.
Known as Kilasa, Shveth Kusht or Shivtra in Ayurveda, vitiligo can be classified into two: -
  • Segmental vitiligo – symptoms appear at early stages and is concentrated on a certain segment of the body only. Its progress stops in a couple of years.
  • Non-Segmented vitiligo – more common form of vitiligo, it initially appears as a short burst of loss in pigment on a part of body and later spreads to other part. It progresses throughout life.

Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo identifies the following factors as its causes: -
  • Virudh aahar or intake of food items that have opposite nature like milk and fruits containing Vitamin C.
  • Sudden temperature changes of skin
  • Excessive intake of Vitamin C
  • Inadequate exposure to sunlight
  • Heavy meals
  • Sleep during day time
Although considered incurable, ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo helps in considerable re-pigmentation and halting the progress of the disease through a treatment plan that involves: -
  • Internal medication – this is done by administering herbal medication to detoxify the body, purify blood, improve digestion, normalise the defect of vata and correct immune deficiency.
  • External medication – this consists of herbal ointments or lepas crucial for re-pigmentation of the skin. The idea is to stimulate pigmentation, create an ideal environment for its development and then to preserve the new pigmentation with a combination of herbal mixture.
A strict regimen of diet along with yoga is a part of the treatment methodology as well.
Under the expertise of Dr. Dhawan, Kayakalp offers quality ayurvedic treatment for skin diseases like vitiligo and psoriasis. Based in Haryana, India and set up in 1992, Kayakalp follows a treatment regimen of its own, curing these skin diseases with a high a success rate.

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