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Ayurvedic Treatment For Vitiligo in India

Vitiligo can be defined as a skin whitening disorder in which the skin at several parts of one’s body turns discolored or pale. The melanocytes are the cells in our body that produces melanin which give pigmentation to our skin. The destruction of these melanocyte cells in an area fails to produce melanin and thus causes the discoloration of our skin.

What causes vitiligo condition?
As per the studies yet, the vitiligo disorder is generated from the destruction of melanin (colouring pigment) producing melanocyte cells in the surface layers of the skin. This destruction can be due to the reverse attack of an individual’s body immune system, disrupting the melanocytes in the area. Thus generating the white patches there.
Situations like; family history, some infections, radiation from TV, exposure to sun, use of some artificial jewellery, pollution etc. can increase the risk of developing vitiligo.

Types of vitiligo:

Many studies have been carried about the types of vitiligo. Depending upon the pattern as well as the severity of spreading of white patches in the body, vitiligo can be divided into two;
Segmental Vitiligo : segmental vitiligo generates symptoms at early stages. This affects only some part (hands, legs, fingers etc.) or one side of one’s body. They may show an increase in their generosity to some extend only.
Non-segmental Vitiligo : Nonsegmental vitiligo starts from a discoloration in a small area, but later on turns to a bitter condition by affecting a big part of your body. This type of vitiligo spreads to a wide area of the body.

Treatment in Ayurveda for vitiligo:

Vitiligo is yet considered as an incurable disease. Treatment for vitiligo in Ayurveda can help to arrest the spreading of the disorder and can stimulate repigmentation in the skin. The improper follow up of one’s diet is considered to be the reason of depigmentation, as this may develop toxins in blood and tissues. Thus ayurveda first tends to restores the proper diet in one by following Pathya (Dietary guideline) which includes strict diet restrictions, yoga, meditation and lifestyle modifications. In addition to this the assessment of the causative factors are also done through treatments like;
Shaman chikitsa : Uses herbal medications as orally and externally
Kastha aushadhi : Includes photosensitizing drugs used locally and systemically while sun exposure.
Ras aushadhi : used to suppress the immune system and stimulate the repigmentation of the skin.
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