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Ayurvedic Treatment For Psoriasis And Itchy Scalp

What are psoriasis and itchy scalp?

Psoriasis and itchy scalp is an inflammatory condition, in which scaly, itching bumps are developed on the skin. It is a lifelong chronic condition that develops acute pain, deterioration, and joint stiffness. The body shows sign of uneasiness, itching and cracking with bleeding due to Psoriasis and itchy scalp. Kaya Kalp Global, Faridabad (Haryana) is committed to providing the best treatment to the patients having psoriasis and itchy scalp. Their treatment provides a full-time satisfaction and relief without any surgery or side effects.

What are the symptoms of psoriasis and itchy scalp?

The most common symptom of Psoriasis and itchy scalp is persistent itching. Persistent and intense itching ruins daily life activities and causes sleepless nights. Scratching an itchy scalp can show bleeding and short-term hair loss. Other symptoms include
  •          Dry scalp
  •          Reddish patches on the scalp
  •          Dandruff-like flaking
  •          Soreness
  •          Burning sensation
  •          Pain and swelling

What are the causes of psoriasis and itchy scalp?

The cause of psoriasis and itchy scalp is the attack of the immune system on the body’s own cells. It is basically associated with the genetic defects.  It involves environmental risk factors and genetic dietary factors.

What are psoriasis and itchy scalp according to Ayurveda?

In Ayurveda, psoriasis and itchy scalp are known as kushta rog. It is a chronic disease, which is intractable and incurable. According to Ayurveda, every person has a different energy pattern which is developed from three types of energies. These energies are called as doshas. These involve
  •        Vata dosh- controls body functions
  •        Kapha dosh- controls body growth
  •        Pitta dosh- controls metabolic functions
If these are not balanced in the body, it makes the body sick and stressed. Ayurvedic treatment makes doshas balanced and develops a healthy body.

What Are Ayurvedic treatment methods used to treat psoriasis and itchy scalp?

Ayurvedic treatment methods that are used to treat psoriasis and itchy scalp are

  •        Panchakarma therapy
  •        Ayurvedic herbal remedies such as turmeric, neem, black nightshade, guggal etc.
  •        Meditation such as pranayama
  •        Yoga and movement
  •        Dietary control
  •        Ayurvedic medicines
  •        Bath
  •        Use of oils such as olive or coconut oil on affected areas

Kaya Kalp Global, Faridabad (Haryana) provides high-quality treatment facilities to the patients having psoriasis and itchy scalp. The treatment Centre has a qualified and experienced doctor. The center has provides excellent Ayurvedic Treatment for psoriasis.
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